Managing your risks and minimizing your costs

In light of evolving risks and increasing pressure to save money, what steps are you taking to control your loss? At David Rine Insurance, we understand that managing your efforts to cut costs while ensuring that your company is adequately protected is a complicated task. Our consulting expertise and cutting-edge technological resources are tailored to your needs and can help you minimize costs, making a difference you’ll see in your bottom line.

Why work with David Rine Insurance? If your organization understands the value of effective risk management, you’ll find yourself asking: How did I ever operate without them?

OSHA Compliance

Use our OSHA incident analysis system to:

  • Drive down your cost of compliance.
  • Track, report and trend your performance over time with easy-to-understand flowcharts and online OSHA reporting and analysis.
  • Compare your performance to national benchmarks on a SIC-code basis.

Loss Control Resources

With our help, drive down your insurance premiums and minimize your total cost of risk.

  • Conduct an accurate loss control evaluation for your organization.
  • Promote and support a safety culture.
  • Develop and execute effective safety programs.
  • Plan your preventive action.

Cost Containment Resources

Use our resources to minimize losses and protect your bottom line.

  • Conduct accident investigations and ensure proper reporting practices.
  • Implement a return to work program using materials for both you and your employees.
  • Stay on top of evolving industry risks with information regarding everything from fraud detection to economic trends.
  • Educate and motivate employees to make safety a priority using our employee-facing flyers, payroll stuffers and safety meeting talks.

Strategic Planning

Together, we will take steps to tailor a risk management plan to the unique needs of your organization.

  • Evaluate your risks and quantify your risk tolerance.
  • Define objectives and develop a customized, strategic plan to meet them.

Data Analysis

  • Pinpoint loss drivers with comprehensive reports based on historical claims data from your carrier.
  • Work with us to develop an action plan to target problem areas.

Custom Safety Communications

  • Take advantage of our online library of pre-written, customizable employee handbooks, newsletters, posters and other materials to control workers’ compensation claims.